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Planting tips

Soil preparation :
Dig a hole of 0,50m3 for a shrub and about 1m3 for a tree, depending on its size.
Make a good plowing and bring organic material when preparing a flowerbed or a hedge.

Planting :
DO NOT water inside the hole before planting but generously after planting.
CAUTION, do not plant too deeply, you might asphyxiate the tree. Let 3cm max of soil over the top roots.
After bringing up the plant, pack down the ground with your feet.
Prepare a bowl around the base , capable to hold 20 to 50 litres of water, depending on the size of the plant.
Make sure that the label holder or the bracket will not strangle the tree.
Bring some compost when putting the plant in place.

Watering tips :
Do not water every day, once a week should be sufficient, except in case of very strong warmth.
Water large volume in one time only : 20 to 30 litres of water for a shrub, 80 to 100 litres in case of a tree.
Mulch the soil with straw to maintain coolness.